Shanganagh Community Garden (SCG) is located in Shanganagh Cliffs, Shankill, only a short stroll from Shankill dart station and village. With over 60 plots of varying sizes, the garden facilitates for both individual local growers and community groups.

Established in 2010 in co-operation with local residents and service providers, SCG was expanded in 2012 as a result of the finished upgrade to the neighboring Bray Shanganagh waste water treatment plant. The garden has proven to be a huge success in active citizenship. 

The project was set up through RAPID, with the support of Dun Laoghaire/Rathdown County Countil (Estate Management and Parks Department), Health Service Executive (Health promotion Unit), VEC, Southside Partnership and Shanganagh Community Development Project. An open green space which used to attract a lot of negative antisocial activity has now been transformed into a community garden with over 60 plots.

The garden is run by a steering committee consisting of local growers, with some administrative help from Southside Partnership and DLRCoCo. The steering committee meets on a regular basis during the active growing season (roughly February to October) and all growers need to attend the annual general meeting in early December to renew their contract or sign up for the following season. 

Local growers and community groups grow flowers, vegetables, fruits and berries, and the garden also has an orchard with apple, pear and plum trees. There is a cabin ("the Kabin") which is open during the active growing season and where growers can make tea or coffee, sit down for a chat or take cover during spells of rain. There are also toilets provided which are open during the active growing season. 

The garden also shares its facilities with local football clubs that play their home matches on the Shanganagh Cliffs football pitch nearby. The football clubs have a changing facility (cabin) within the compounds of the garden and also use the toilet facilities. This is a great example of local projects working together for a better community.


The Annual Shanganagh Community Garden Barbeque will take place on Saturday, September 3rd, 2016 from 2pm. Bring your own, share your harvest and enjoy a day with fellow growers!

Anne Traynor stepped down as treasurer of the SCG committee during the Summer and Willie Morton kindly stepped in to take over at short notice. During the same process, it was decided that James Douglas would be co-treasurer.